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About us

Who we are

GBX Technology is an American company focused on every step of the creation of cutting-edge electronic products. We provide hardware and software services, specializing in IoT solutions, all powered by the latest and most cost-effective technologies.


Based in Miami, Florida, and with 40+ years of experience in electronic hardware & software development, GBX has successfully developed more than 200 high-end & high-tech products for international clients around the United States, Latin America, and Europe in different industries.


Co-founded in 2012 and led by Giancarlo Bregante and Stefano Bregante, GBX is a family business focused on encouraging inventiveness, proactivity, and passion for electronic and software product development. Our commitment goes beyond projects; it’s about fostering enduring relationships with clients, and working together as your technology partner to transform visionary concepts into a concrete a reality.


All of our prototypes are designed and created at GBX in-house laboratories with an experienced team of developers based in The United States.

GBX is underpinned by 3 main principles:

With over 40 years of experience in a dynamic industry, we possess the flexibility and precision to create efficient electronic hardware products that address your business's unique challenges with tailored tech solutions.

Through open dialogue, we prioritize building lasting client relationships. Committed to mutually beneficial partnerships, we define objectives, meet deadlines, and propose innovative solutions based on our expertise.

At GBX we believe that only real results can demonstrate the quality of products and services we offer to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

Giancarlo Bregante: Co-Founder & CEO at GBX Technology, Inventor of the GBX TAG System
Giancarlo Bregante, an Electronic Engineer and Co-Founder of GBX Technology, is a dynamic force in the realm of electronic product development. With an impressive tenure spanning over four decades, he is a seasoned professional with a deep passion for transforming concepts into cutting-edge reality. As the ingenious inventor behind the GBX TAG system, Giancarlo epitomizes innovation, proactivity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.
Giancarlo’s journey is an extraordinary fusion of technological expertise and a profound understanding of market dynamics. He seamlessly blends customer requirements, state-of-the-art technology, cost-effective design, and exceptional aesthetics.
Beyond his remarkable professional accomplishments, Giancarlo is a dedicated musician. For over 30 years, he has showcased his passion for music as a guitarist and composer, adding a melodious touch to life. His musical journey is a testament to his creativity, spanning the genres of Jazz, Fusion, Rock, and ethnic music.
Giancarlo Bregante’s vision and passion shape GBX Technology’s commitment to excellence, forging a path where technology and innovation harmoniously meet the future.
Stefano Bregante: Co-Founder & CTO at GBX Technology, Innovator of the GBX TAG System

With over a decade of experience in the ever-evolving realm of technology, Stefano Bregante stands as a pioneering force in the industry. As the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at GBX Technology, he leads the charge in driving innovation and shaping the future of technology solutions.

Stefano’s expertise spans a wide spectrum of domains, from Cloud Architecture utilizing AWS services to software development with a mastery of Python, JavaScript, React.js, and TypeScript. He has a profound understanding of IoT (Internet of Things) and wireless communication, with an impressive portfolio of successful hardware projects and electronic design and manufacturing ventures.
His profound knowledge extends to the realms of Artificial Intelligence, including AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), LLM (Language Model), and blockchain technologies. At GBX Technology, Stefano’s pioneering spirit fuels the development of cutting-edge software solutions. These solutions empower our clients by seamlessly managing device operations, providing real-time insights and alerts, facilitating user management, and ensuring robust security.
The words of Benjamin Franklin underline Stefano’s commitment to advancing technology: “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” His pursuit of excellence and innovation propels GBX Technology into a future where technology knows no bounds.
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