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We are your technological partner in Electronic Development, Tech Consultancy, Design, Manufacture & Support. 40+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS

Driven by innovation.

We believe change unlocks value, that is why we stay at the forefront of the industry aiming for evolution.


Inspired by cutting-edge ideas.

Outbox thinking and simplicity are our everyday drive.


Passionate about creating solutions.

We are always looking for the next challenge.

About us

About us

GBX Technology is a family company focused on every step of the creation of innovative electronic products with the highest technology.

Based in Miami, Florida and with more than 200 high-end & high-tech products developed for international clients around the United States, Latin America and Europe, GBX works developing projects for different technological markets around the world.



We perform an in-depth analysis of your project's requirements.


We propose an optimal solution by combining the most suitable technology, the simplest design, cost-effective and time-efficient manufacturing process.

Final Product

We solve your project’s needs through creative solutions. From concept and design, to efficient production.


We carry out electronic design and complete system architecture based on our product development expertise using the latest and cost- effective technology available in the market.

We can provide full consultancy services on any of your technological needs. From PCB Design to Manufacture.

We take care of the analysis and review of an existing electronic system to make it a technological upgrade to reduce costs and energy consumption, replace obsolete items and facilitate its maintenance.

We take full control of our client’s electronic production process at any manufacturing stage to deliver fully assembled and tested electronic boards and or complete products.

We work in two ways - Developing, manufacturing and taking care of maintenance and technical support; Or receiving the existing equipment to take care of its maintenance and technical support.

We create a complete electronic product development based on our customer’s requirements.

What they say


Our client, a residential and commercial property owner, had security problems in its units due to not having an efficient and reliable system to control owners and visitors. Our client needed a system that did not require physical persons for its operation.

GBX took into consideration all customer requirements to develop an efficient and cost effective system, integrating the multiple control procedures required in the units and taking care of the full projects’ development.


Our client propounded a project for the development of an integrative and scalable platform to capture recyclable material. A complete, innovative electronic and hardware system was needed that would allow its users to interact in different ways with the final product's infrastructure.

GBX took care of the complete electronic product development of this project based on our customer’s requirements by implementing a cost effective solution using the latest technologies. GBX also took care of the manufacturing and quality control of the final product.


Our client provides sports bootcamp services, where video-capturing cameras are used to record, analyze and provide the material to its clients. These cameras were completely outdated and not cost-effective for the business.

GBX re-designed the hardware and software system to make way for a top quality and cost effective video capturing camera with high-resolution and completely manageable for the user through its custom-made app. This not only improved the quality of the service offered by our client, but also created a new branch of their business to sell the new product.


Our client wanted to upgrade its air control system before it was rendered obsolete and sensor inaccuracy and an outdated communication system.

GBX redesigned the hardware and software by implementing updated sensors and electronics and a more efficient, fast and cost-effective communication system.


Our Client provides an in-store music streaming system for several businesses such as stores, hospitals, hotels. The music streaming platform was outdated and had a sluggish performance to use for customers. A new DAC hardware device was also required for the business.

GBX proposed a new solution using the latest available technology to redesign and update the streaming system. GBX also designed a simple and efficient hardwired device to receive and play the streaming music.




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