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SIMCom presents at MWC Barcelona 2023

We are happy to announce the new product launch of one of our Technology Partners: SIMCOM’s SIM7672X Module. GBX Technology & Innovation USA has already incorporated it into its offer of wireless connectivity solutions for our clients. This electronic card seeks to meet the changing and rapidly expanding needs of the cellular IoT market, and that is why it is part of our technological solutions.


 —  Facing the decline of 2G/3G, LTE Cat.1 can be an ideal alternative for IoT applications that require intermediate bandwidth, real-time responsiveness, and mobility.  To meet the rapidly expanding and changing needs of the cellular IoT market, SIMCom has launched the SIM7672X series optimized LTE Cat.1 bis module, offering a comprehensive solution that delivers a new generation of fast, powerful and high-performance IoT connectivity. with global network coverage, lower costs, a smaller form factor, and higher energy efficiency.



Worldwide coverage: The SIM7672X series is compatible with 3GPP R14 standards and there are three regional variants: North American (including US mobile network operators), European and Global, supporting global frequency bands, which allows it to work on existing LTE cellular infrastructure around the world. The global roaming capability of the SIM7672X series has also made it the first truly global LTE Cat.1 bis module, enabling customers around the world to have universally applicable LTE connectivity.

SIMCom presents at MWC Barcelona 2023 the optimized LTE CAT 1 bis module of the SIM7672x series

Cost Effective: Based on SIMCom’s mature R&D capabilities, the SIM7672X series achieves all the necessary features in a cost-effective way that is favorable for customers with a cost-conscious design budget. The SIM7672X series is the only cost-optimized LTE module by eliminating hardware redundancies and custom software integration. It supports data rate up to 10Mbps, multiple built-in network protocols, abundant software and operating system drivers. In addition, the high-precision GNSS receiver is also available in the SIM7672X series, which facilitates applications such as asset tracking, fleet management, and micro-mobility monitoring with multi-constellation positioning and wireless communication.



Compact size: SIM7672X series has a size of 24.0*24.0*2.4mm, which is the same as SIMCom’s 2G/LPWA/Cat.1 modules such as SIM800, SIM800F, SIM7000X, SIM 7070X, and A7672X , which will help device manufacturers to seamlessly migrate from 2G / NB-IoT/ Cat. M / Cat. 1 to Cat.1 bis.



Power Efficiency: Benefited by its highly integrated product design and PSM mode, the SIM7672x series has achieved ultra-low quiescent current power that is on the similar level of LPWA modules, thus prolonging battery life for applications such as such as smart utility meters, trackers, e-mobility, parking meters, home automation and security.

The SIM7672X series has been officially launched during MWC Barcelona 2023. A full range of SIMCom wireless modules, as well as numerous connectivity solutions, will be exhibited at SIMCom stand 1B20, located in Hall 1. 




More information about the SIM7672X series on the SIMCom website.

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